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Explore Rotterdam with Tram 10
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City tour Tram 10

City tour Tram 10 'Hop on - Hop off' is the nicest and most convenient way to discover Rotterdam. The heritage trams from the Rotterdam Public Transport Museum take you through interesting parts of the city and past beautiful sights of Rotterdam. Getting off along the way and getting on again later is no problem: your ticket is a day ticket, with which you can continue to enjoy Tram 10 from the first to the last departure.

The drivers and conductors/city guides of Tram 10 are volunteers from the Rotterdam Public Transport Museum. The tour is guided in Dutch, English and German.

The central entrance cars built in 1931 are mostly used on Tram 10. They drive comfortably through the curves on their two bogies, each with two axles. That's why they are nicknamed four-axle cars. We regularly surprise our passengers with other historic trams from the collection of our museum.

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The start and end stop of the Citytour Line 10 is at Willemsplein, at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge and at the jetty of the harbour tour boats. Accessible by tram line 7. But you can also get on and off at other stops of Line 10, for example at Rotterdam Central Station or Blaak station, where there are good public transport connections from the Rotterdam region and the rest of the Netherlands. So you don't have to go into the city by car to get on Tram 10.

If you don't get off along the way, a round trip by Tram 10 from Willemsplein to Willemsplein takes about 70-75 minutes. This does not include the bridge bonus, see below.

Bridge bonus
New in 2024: An optional extension of the Tram 10 tour. This extra can often be offered, but not always. It is a trip by Tram 10 from the Leuvehaven stop over the Erasmus Bridge to the southern bank of the Nieuwe Maas and back again. You can then enjoy a beautiful view of the river and the skyline of Rotterdam twice. The bridge bonus makes the tour of Tram 10 about 8 minutes longer.

In any case, the bridge bonus will not be offered in the event of major delays on Tram 10, during events in the Feijenoord Stadium and when the Erasmus Bridge is open to shipping.

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