Route Tram 10

The Citytour Tram 10 tours start and end at Willemsplein. This is also the end and starting point of RET tram line 7. Leuvehaven metro station and the tram stop of the same name are about a 5-minute walk from Willemsplein.

The route that Tram 10 will follow in 2024 is shown below. Tram 10 runs past many tourist attractions and iconic buildings. If you would like to look around somewhere, press the stop button and get off at the next stop. Later, the next Tram 10 will take you further.

Afb 3 plattegrond

Route Tram 10

A. Willemsplein. Starting point and terminus of Tram 10. Interchange to Waterbus, Watertaxi and harbour tours.
B. Central station (2014). Tram 10 calls at tramstop B. The station is not only one of the icons of modern architecture, but also main transfer point between trains, underground (metro) system, trams and buses. Under the square is the largest bicycle parking in town, for 5200 bicycles.
C. Delfshaven. Historic district (14th century). Many pleasant terraces and cafés, a brewery and the Pilgrims Church. The historic windmill used to grind malt for the local gin industry.
D. Euromast. This 600ft tower offers an impressive view over the city and the harbour. At the tramstop is the Norwegian seamens church (1914).
E. Eendrachtsplein. Statue Santa Claus, by the American sculpturer Paul McCarthy. From here it’s a short walk into the main shopping district 
F. Oostplein. Large pumping station for the city water management system. Under the trees is the memorial for the fallen marines.
G. Blaak station. Around this underground station you can see the Market Hall (2014), the cube houses (1985), the Laurens church (1525) and the city library (1985). The pleasant entertainment area around the Oude Haven (Old Port) and the White House is a few minutes' walk away.

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